Having just strong password policies are no longer a strong enough deterrent to credential theft.
Two-factor authentication has become a fundamental layer of security for organizations of all sizes.

Verify your users’ identities with two-factor authentication:

  • Easy-to-use authentication app, Duo Mobile allows for easy one-tap login via Duo Push.
  • Easy to setup and provision, we’ll have your users up and running within a day.
  • Integrates with on-premises systems and cloud applications.
  • Audit logs keep track of all user logins for strict accountability.
  • subIT can not only sell and implement Duo, but manage it on an ongoing basis. (Clients with their own IT can choose to self-manage as well.)


Ensure users are connecting with secure devices


Duo Security Pricing Sheet W3

Call us today to learn more about how subIT manages two-factor projects from initial planning to production, and how our use of Duo can help secure your valuable assets.

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