Custom Software Development

At subIT, we understand that sometimes there just isn't a commercially available software solution for certain types of businesses, and those business are better served crafting their own software to make the business run properly. Our Software Engineering Team is able to craft custom software to the exact needs and requirements of our clients. We take projects from discovery to completion, and have the structure to support the software post-launch, so clients can rest-assured knowing the software can be continuously improved/maintained throughout its lifecycle.

With subIT's multi-disciplinary skillset, we're able to provide consulting on the client's infrastructure to make sure the environment is ready to host the software on-premises. As a cloud hosting provider, subIT is also able to host the software for clients if they choose. We're happy to provide the flexibility clients need to meet their goals.

We've handled projects for clients in different verticals, including project with strict compliance requirements. Let us turn your next dream project into a reality.


Before kicking off any project, we do a great amount of due diligence during the discovery phase. We don't move forward into creating a proposal until both we and the client feel 100% confident that all requirements and needs for the project are understood.

Continuous Development, Testing, and Integration

As we're developing, the client is involved every step of the way so we can ensure that features and functions of the software are being developed to the client's requirements.

Visual UI/UX Design

Providing a positive end user experience is a core focus for our team. We understand the importance of driving user adoption through an immersive interface, and well-planed user experience.

Mobile Application Development

We're comfortable developing mobile applications on multiple platforms. Whether the application is for B2B needs, or an app to market to consumers, we have the team to bring the app to life.

Secure by Design

Security is at the core of everything we do, we develop our applications from the ground up using industry-standard security principles for writing code. Our Project Managers and Quality Assurance team are constantly insuring security milestones are being met throughout the project lifecycle, and after the project is delivered. We're able to provide a comprehensive maintenance plan at a frequency that meets client requirements (monthly, quarterly, annual), ensuring the security of the application continues to harden.

Legacy Software Migration

Our team has taken custom legacy software developed on obsolete programming languages, and re-developed the software using modern languages, and methodologies.

Strict NDA Requirement

Protecting our client's intellectual property is our top priority. We take confidentiality seriously, and sign a strict NDA before discovery begins. We're also happy to have an NDA in-place before discussing the project details.


Our software agreements include guarantees that make sure our team is completing project milestones on-time, as well as ensures the project stays on budget.