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Managed IT Services in Miami

Core Services at SubIT

SubIT provides a comprehensive turnkey IT department, catering to companies without their own IT division. Our services are tailored to fit the specific needs of your business, ensuring a seamless integration with your operations.

SubIT Managed Services | Core Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services are tailored to support businesses without an internal IT department or those looking to supplement their existing IT capabilities. We offer end-to-end management of IT operations, ensuring that every aspect of your IT infrastructure is expertly handled.

Network of IT Icons Interconnected | Cybersecurity


Our Cybersecurity approach encompasses a wide range of defensive measures, including advanced threat detection, incident response, and proactive risk management, to safeguard your business’s digital assets.

IT Support

Our IT Support is focused on delivering swift and effective solutions to IT challenges. Our IT Help Desk serves as a central hub for addressing and preempting issues, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity for your business.

Cloud Services

With the Cloud Security market valued at $40.7 billion in 2023 and expected to grow to $82.5 billion by 2028, according Market Data Forecast, our Cloud Services are more relevant than ever. The market size in the U.S. alone indicates significant investment in this sector.

Outsourced IT

Outsourced IT is a growing sector, with the global market set to reach $460.10 billion in 2023 and U.S. revenue projected at $167.90 billion in the same year, according to Statista. We align with this trend, offering flexible, scalable outsourcing solutions.

Chart of IT Service Management | IT Service Management

In offering these services, we are committed to empowering businesses through technology. Whether it’s managing complex IT infrastructures or offering comprehensive outsourced IT solutions, our goal is to ensure that our clients’ technological needs are met with the highest standards of excellence and reliability.

Client Success Stories and Testimonials

Peter Quiñones

“What truly sets SubIT apart is their unwavering professionalism. Their team exudes a genuine passion for their work, always going the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. Their clear communication […]” reflects the high level of service and commitment SubIT delivers to its clients​​.

Estrella Gonzalez

“We no longer have to worry about long delays.” Estrella emphasizes the peace of mind that comes from working with SubIT, highlighting their efficiency and timely response to IT needs.

Eduard Baltar

“We can’t afford for our systems to be down, and SubIT keeps us up and running.” Eduard highlights the teamwork and reliability of SubIT, emphasizing the importance of consistent IT support in business operations

Choosing SubIT in the Miami Market

Diverse IT Solutions

Miami’s diverse business landscape demands a unique blend of innovation, reliability, and expertise, qualities at the core of SubIT’s service offerings.

Our vast experience across various industries enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that cover every aspect of IT management, from cybersecurity to cloud services.

Customized and Scalable Services

We understand that each business has unique IT needs. Our approach is to customize services to fit your specific requirements, ensuring scalability as your business grows.

Industry-Specific Services

By servicing sectors ranging from Aviation to Finance, we’ve developed a deep understanding of diverse operational needs and challenges. This breadth of experience allows us to craft highly adaptable and innovative solutions. The multi-industry expertise positions us as a versatile and knowledgeable IT partner for any business.

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What types of businesses does SubIT serve?

SubIT specializes in providing IT and cybersecurity solutions for small to mid-sized businesses across various industries, and specializes in handling businesses with multiple locations spread across vast geographic areas.

How does SubIT ensure the security of our data?

Our cybersecurity measures include advanced threat detection, incident response, risk management, and compliance services, ensuring robust protection for your digital assets.

Can SubIT integrate with our existing IT infrastructure?

Absolutely. Our team is experienced in seamlessly integrating our services with your existing IT setup, enhancing your current systems with our expertise.

What is included in SubIT's Managed IT Services?

Our Managed IT Services encompass end-to-end management of your IT operations, from proactive monitoring to troubleshooting and regular maintenance.

Does SubIT offer support for cloud-based systems?

Yes, we provide Cloud Security services that ensure the safety and efficiency of your cloud-based data and applications.

How does SubIT handle IT emergencies or unexpected issues?

Our dispatch team is available to answer calls 24×7 and our technician team works on an afterhours on-call rotation to ensure that emergencies can be handled regardless the time or day they happen.