Leveraging the power of Sentinel One, the highly skilled staff in our Security Operations Center make for a powerful team to defend against advanced cyber threats for businesses of all sizes.

Next-Generation Security: Endpoint Detection & Response

In today's day and age, businesses of all sizes find themselves under the threat of a wide variety of cyber-attacks. From opportunistic attacks like ransomware and crypto-mining, to targeted attacks that look to compromise resources on the network and steal information such as: credentials with elevated privileges, intellectual property, Personally identifiable information (PII), non-public company information, banking details/credentials, and much more.

Our 24x7 Endpoint Detection and Response Service leverages attack forensics and intelligent automation to identify advanced malware, exploits and script-based stealth attacks. It’s also backed by an industry-leading $1M ransomware warranty. Meaning, if a client ever find themselves in a situation where SentinelOne was deployed in their environment (with vendor-recommended settings), and paying the ransom is the only possible option remaining for data retrieval, SentinelOne will pay up to $1,000 per affected computer up to $1M. For more information on this warranty, please contact us at info@subitco.com.

Managed by our Security Operations Center (SOC)

Cybersecurity talent is expensive, and small to mid-sized businesses usually lack the resources, staff, and budget to effectively build and manage their own Security Operations Center (SOC). Leveraging market leading endpoint detection and response technology, our SOC can identify and confirm malicious attacks in progress and, when discovered, will activate remediation steps including scrubbing the system of any remnants of an attack such as processes or registry keys created. In more extreme cases such as ransomware, the SOC will roll back the system to restore system and data access.

Making cybersecurity one less thing to worry about for businesses

Our 24x7 Threat Detection & Response offering is a powerful service that can help you overcome the significant labor challenges associated with delivering a security operations center of any size. From security environment alerts to automated correlation to manual analysis by the our SOC, this service removes the burden of deep security analysis and incident response from clients.

With our SOC technicians acting as a direct extension of your team, you won’t have to worry about hiring and retaining expensive security personnel—and you won’t have to waste time manually sifting through security alerts when a known threat is taking place. Let us be your Cybersecurity department.

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