We ensure all your critical systems are being backed up properly, encrypted to the cloud, and can be restored immediately.
Monitored and managed 24x7/365 by our Network Operations Center.

Backup 101

Every company, no matter the size, needs to have a backup strategy in-place. Minimizing the potential for data loss due to hardware failure, user error, ransomware, or natural disasters is at the core of any major IT Management program. Unfortunately, most small and mid-sized businesses overlook the importance of properly managing their backup processes, and don’t take the proper steps to correct it until they lose critical data without the ability of having it recovered.

What we do for you

Our Critical Backup solution is subIT’s fully-managed business continuity and disaster recovery platform. We meet with you and discuss the various systems that need backup management so we can formulate a backup strategy that makes sense for your company. Once the backup plan is set in motion, we actively monitor all aspects of the backup strategy 24x7/365, and ensure that all systems being backed up are following the backup policies that we've set. We also take the time to test that the backup files are working and ready for recovery.

Quick and Effective Recovery

With Critical Backup, servers can be backed up as frequently as every five minutes. So if the server is mission-critical, we can recover it with the most minimum amount of data loss. Full-system restoration takes minutes whether it's done in the cloud or locally on-site. The protection offered by including our cloud resources in your overall backup strategy ensures a robust level of protection from any type of disaster.

Cloud Backup

Critical Backup was built in the cloud, for the cloud. Our cloud infrastructure is spread across multiple, geographically dispersed, world-class datacenters, so your data is always recoverable from the cloud if needed. Data that is backed up with Critical Backup is encrypted both while stored and in-transit to the cloud.

Keeping with subIT’s philosophy, our backup and disaster recovery service is billed on a month-to-month basis making your IT budget easier to keep under control.

With subIT as your Backup and Disaster Recovery Management partner, you can rest assured that your valued data is in good hands. Call or email us today to schedule a meeting so we can discuss how subIT can help.

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