We've taken complex applications for our customers and ran them entirely in the cloud.
From servers to desktops, we can put a whole company's infrastructure in the cloud.

Transform your IT with our platform

Enterprise cloud adoption is at an all-time high and continuing to rise year after year. Companies of all sizes are realizing the many benefits of moving their infrastructure to the cloud, and subIT has helped multiple companies migrate their infrastructure to the cloud. subIT utilizes an award-winning cloud desktop and server platform that provides access to your business applications, files, folders, and printers from any internet capable device. The Windows-based virtual desktop we deliver is user-friendly, accessible, and secure.

Cloud Expertise & Professional Services

We go beyond being cloud service providers; your organization can rely on our cloud engineers to plan, design, migrate, and fully-manage the proper solution for your various workloads and applications, no matter the complexity. Combine your cloud environment with our Complete IT service, and our engineers will monitor your infrastructure 24x7/365 to ensure constant uptime, performance monitoring, and on-going optimization.

A bit of what we do for our clients...

  • Full domain-to-cloud migrations with zero downtime
  • Migrate physical servers to the cloud as well as VM’s on physical hardware
  • Take complex ERP solutions and run them in the cloud properly
  • Take SQL-based applications and run them in the cloud
  • Deliver cloud desktops using technologies that provide a full desktop experience
  • Provided infrastructure that can easily be spun up, backed up, restored, and deleted for software development and testing
  • Setup access between the customer’s local network and our cloud network so both networks can communicate seamlessly
  • Provide the kind of cloud strategy and robust infrastructure to centralize IT operations for our clients, and allow them to scale to multiple physical locations.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • Accessibility – Not only are our cloud desktops accessible from anywhere in the world, users enjoy the freedom of using any device they'd like to access their cloud desktops, iOS devices, Mac OSX, Windows PC, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Linux and more.
  • Security – subIT maximizes data security using secure sign-on and the latest in encrypted hard drive technology.
  • Scalability – Our platform is able to scale seamlessly with your company's growth; capable of handling thousands of users if needed.
  • Reliability – Improve uptime and protect your network from unpredictable events. subIT provides extremely reliable cloud infrastructure with an uptime target of 99.999%.
  • Application Compatibility – Access the applications essential to your business. Most applications are compatible and accessible, as if from your own PC.
  • Data Protection – subIT’s cloud solution includes ongoing periodic backups of your entire cloud environment, protecting your data from user error and data corruption.

With subIT as your trusted Cloud Computing provider, you can rest assured that your valued IT resources are in good hands. Call or email us today to schedule a meeting so we can discuss how subIT can help.

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